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The accountants are in their quarterly spotlight, and LG's team has reported the company's results for Q1 2015. The numbers show a steady فيلتر شکن جديد of the company as a whole, with the mobile division boasting its highest ipsec vpn Q1 revenue since LG debuted on the خريد ساکسيفون تنور market in 2010. Smartخريد کريو kerio sales reached $3.27B, a 5% YOY increase, bدانلود کانکشن هوشمند 20speedt about by a 26% increase in smartخريد کريو kerio shipments to 15.4M. LG has a 66% YOY growth in North American sales to brag about, coupled with a 57% growth in its خريد ساکس vpn orderland over Q4 2014, largely fueled by the release of the G Flex2. Year-on-year however, the Korean sales are down 25%. For the vpn makers quarter LG is predicting continuous growth of the smartخريد کريو kerio market, with a focus on LTE. LG plans to strengthen its positions in the premium segment with the G4, alongside new mass-market devices. The company does acknowledge the fierce competition it's about to face on said markets, though. Meanwhile, LG Home Entertainment Company reports a $4.03B revenue, down 5% YОY and 18% QОQ, largely due to seasonality and currency rate movements in emerging markets. The Home Appliance and Air Solution subsidiary is 9% up in operating profit year-on-year, reaching باران وي پي ان $208M. The newly opened in July 2013 LG Vehicle Components Company, which specializes in car infotainment and electric car engineering, has posted its first quarterly results. The division reports a modest $2.18M loss, but the company plans to persevere and expand its sales in the car infotainment and vehicle engineering segments in the long…

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